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Default Re: DICK LEBEAU MUST GO!!!!!!!!!

LeBeau is suffering from a number of issues right now that lead to "fail".

1. the personnel on the field remain un-motivated and are playing with zero passion (maybe less)
2. a terrible defensive backfield
3. the injuries to Harrison and Polamalu in which we have no one to replace their once greatness
4. a terrible defensive line. Hood's starting to seem like a waste of a pick. At one point i thought he would live up to the potential. Not now.
5. his schemes work better against the run...and there's more passing than ever before and it will continue to increase
6. He only makes small adjustments...never big ones
7. We don't throw confusing looks anymore
8. and the personnel that IS on the field clearly not executing (and look like the could care less if they do...)

These are a few of LeBeau's issues right now and i'm sure there's more. My main issue with all of this is that the players, aside from Clark, Woodley, and on occasion Timmons, look like they don't even want to be on the field. It wouldn't surprise me to see them "yawning" out there in between plays. THAT needs fixed and fixed now.
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