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Default Re: DICK LEBEAU MUST GO!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by drizze99 View Post
This has to rank up there as one of the most idiotic posts I have ever read on this site. Hell, while you are at it, maybe we should have the Rooney's retire from football and sell the team.

I am not going to site here and point fingers at players or coaches because most of us watched the game in utter disbelief. Something has to change with this defense. Right now, these guys can't even fight themselves out of wet paper bag. The common theme going back to last season is a lack of pressure on the opposing QB. I remember a time when he had the nick name "Blitzburgh" but that is long gone now. I am tired of watching 2nd rate QB's look like HOF candidates.

I feel like we should be 3-0 going into the bye week but here we are in reality and we are limping in at 1-2. I hope the coaching utilizes this off week to "fix" this team because right now it's broken. The offense is averaging 26pts/game which in my book is more than enough to be a 3-0 team. 75pts given up by our defense in 3 games is horrendous.
Let's be fair, not all of that is completely on the defense. When they start a stand in the other team's field goal range it's not their fault if the other team scores. Yeah, the defense has lost more than just a step. I'm still hopeful that they can pull it together.
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