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Default Re: Who do you blame for this loss?

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
Antonio Brown had some bad fumbles, but there's no way that Raiders offense should have put up 30+ points on us in the first place. The defense is abysmal this year and it's not just the absence of Harrison and Polamalu.
Totally agree! Too many on this board assume that the return of Troy and Silverback will get our defense back on track. Unfortunately, not true.

Here are the defensive issues, IMHO...

1. Age: Troy, Harrison, Hampton, Kiesel are all on the downside of their careers. You could make the case that Kiesel and Hampton are actually hurting the defense. I'd even say that Troy's days of "free-styling" all over the field should be over. He doesn't have the speed anymore to show blitz and then get back in coverage.

2. Injuries: Troy and Hampton can't stay on the field. Woodley has had his issues with injuries as well.

3. Under-performing talent or just over-rated talent: Hood and Timmons. To a degree, I'd say that Ike Taylor belongs on this list. He has not been as good as last year. I feel that his performance last year against Denver may have affected his confidence.

4. Unproven youth: Keenan Lewis, Curtis Brown, Cortez Allen, McLendon, and Cam Heyward

5. Just go away: Ryan Mundy

6. Schemes: I love LeBeau and am not willing to lay the blame at his feet. I believe that, with the right combo of youth and talent, his defense can still work. However, given the current roster, some changes need to be made. Either dumb down the playbook to allow the young guys like McLendon and Heyward to make an impact or find SOME way to pressure the QB with the old guard.

So...the only players that are currently making a significant impact on defense are Foote and Ryan Clark. I'd actually call Clark our defensive MVP to this point.
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