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Default Re: DICK LEBEAU MUST GO!!!!!!!!!

JMO but it's becoming more and more obvious, going back to last year also (even with our D ranked #1), that ALL parts of our defense is just struggling anymore....From the coaching to the talent, IT'S ALL OF IT....Maybe it is time for Lebeau to go, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see out talent on the defense is no where close to being what it used to be....We get absolutely no pressure on the QB at all, our secondary has been TERRIBLE for the past couple of years (and the front office refuses to SERIOUSLY address it), the front 7 makes NO BIG PLAYS AT ALL (painfully obvious how Woodley is just another LB out there when #92 isn't on the other side), and the younger guys who are getting a chance to prove thenselves just aren't (Ziggy, Carter, Lewis, Mundy is HORRIBLE, etc...) maybe these young guys talent was mis-judged when they were drafted, cuz IMO NONE of them show any sign of being a 'stud' player of the future....As a diehard black and gold fan it truly pains me to say a Steelers defense is lousy, but the fact of the matter is, especially after today, it truly is LOUSY....After today, I've resided myself to believing it's jusy gonna be a long, pissed off, painful year, it's just gonna be...I know it's not the Steelers way to go free agency route, but maybe it's time to go that way a bit, cuz the young talent they have on this team on the defense side of the ball, just doesn't give me an optimistic picture of the future....I pray I'm wrong though.
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