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Originally Posted by Killer View Post
for starters I'd cut every CB not named Ike....immediately

Lebeau's soft slow and sloppy "scheme" was cut to ribbons...I want to see heads roll!

Wallace was making catches over the middle and caught everything Ben threw him - get off his ass - he did his job

this defense is beyond horrible - we NEED to score40 pts a game - they can't tackle, stop the run, or the pass

cut that worhless tub of lard Ziggy too, I'be seen enough of that fat slob and his bear dancing routine, a 1 yd push into the backfield would be his first
Yes, Wallace did do his job. I acknowledged that. He is still good. He is willing to run through the middle and has great hands. He is not the greatest receiver in the league, and not worth breaking the cap for. That's all I'm saying about him. If salary money was unlimited, yeah, pay him whatever he wants. He has great chemistry with the team, and does his job, and a little more. But the salary cap keeps what would otherwise be lesser teams competitive, and so it works to be a good thing, and he should be able to get more than he is worth from one of the teams in league that likes to pay too much for the next superstar in an attempt to buy some wins, which ironically is why they don't win.
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