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Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
The Front 7 put plenty of pressure on Palmer today. The problem is that Raider recievers were constantly running free and he was getting rid of the ball quickly. I can't count the number of times today I saw a Raider catch the ball with no Defender within a few yards of him.

That has been the chief weakness of the Zone Defense, in the past we could get away with it because of Troy and the Front 7. But the Elite QB's could pick it apart, now with no Troy and no top-tier pass rush, it's exposed, but we had plenty of success running an Aggressive D and not bullshit cushions.
We'll have to agree to disagree in regards to pressure today. I'd also suggest that we may be playing so much zone because our DBs can't cover m2m all day, and without a pass rush, that's what they'd have to do.
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