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Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
No pressure on the Qb. No big plays, no turnovers. That has been the theme the last year and 3 games. Those 3 qualities are what makes the Steelers defense over the last half century. Oh, and stopping the run too. So 4. Now, lets see, why do we suck now? Harrison out? Ok. Troy out? Ok. Clark was out in both Denver games? Ok. But I just watched all the "best" defenses so far this season get torched all game long. Is it any coincidence that since this mother ****ing commissioner has destroyed football the last 2+ years, that the Steelers have sucked in the one area, EVEN BEFORE THE 70's, had always been good at? I say no.

I swear on my life, if it werent for the Steelers, I would NEVER watch the NFL as long as that mother ****ing piece of shit is commissioner. He has destroyed football, continues to destroy it and will eventually be the seed that ends the NFL as we knew it. These ****ing owners need to do something. Go ask Belichick how he feels? How bout John Fox? When the hell has John Fox ever done what he did this week? He is one of the most mild mannered coaches in the league. Bottom line is, until this ****er is out as commissioner, this league is in major trouble. The Rooney's made sure he got the throne, they need to now go talk to jerry jones, Kraft and all those rich old ****ers and get this ****er out NOW.

I will watch the Steelers forever, but i will NEVER spend one dime on any NFL apparel until that ****er is gone.
The NFL competition committee votes on these rule changes...the commissioner just doesn't unilaterally impose aint just Goodell
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