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Default Re: Ravens gifted another win by the refs

I was going to come here and start a thread about how we out played and out classed the Ravens in all phases of the game only to have the officials completely hose us and gift wrap a Raven win.

The officials killed numerous NE drives that were rolling tonight with horrible calls.
They likewise kept alive numerous dead drives by the Ravens.

I understand a lot of you despise the Patriots but this game was a black mark on the integrity of the NFL.

It doesn't matter what your team does on the field if the other team will just be awarded 1st down after 1st down with phantom penalties that leave the entire watching audience, including the announcers, scratching their heads in disbelief.

The Ravens didn't win that game, but it will sure look like they did when the papers tomorrow show them to be 2-1.

Thats two games in a row that we've been hosed by the officials. At least in the Arizona game I could live with the Gronk call because we didn't really deserve the win, but tonight was just incredible. I'm speechless.

I'm past rage. Now i'm in mourning for the NFL.
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