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Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.

I agree it's the scheme. Man coverage worked vs the Jets and it worked when we used it last year (Pats game for example) yet we keep playing this HUGE cushion BS. When we played man vs the Jets they were debilitated, and the Raiders would have been too if we played man against them. We don't get the pass rush to sit back in the zone anymore, plus with the rule changes that's not a good idea anyway. On top of that we don't stop the run. We will lose to the majority of the teams on our schedule IF we play the big cushion defense against them. The talent isn't what it was in 2008-2010, but they still can be a good defense if they play the right style of pass coverage, they showed us that just last week. Unfortunately I think LeBeau either can't/isn't understanding that the league has long passed up the big cushion zone defense or he's already hung it up and isn't going to make any changes.

I never thought LeBeau would become a hinderance, he might be the best D coordinator ever, but it looks like it's time for him to retire. The one argument that can be made in his favor is that he has always based his plays around the pass rush and now our pass rush is mediocre AT BEST, but even then it doesn't excuse the HUGE cushions. The run defense is more on the players IMO, mainly due to Hood and old Hampton/McClendon on the line instead of Smith and young Hampton. Plus Foote is being used more in coverage due to the new passing style offenses. I think some of us, especially me, took for granted how excellent Hampton (younger) and Farrior were against the run, total beasts.
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