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Default Re: The D-line sucks

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
Hood and Heyward are both #1 picks, and if Heyward doesn't end up being a beast then our D line will likely be mediocre at best for 2-3 years. You can only spend so many #1's on a position and get #4 production before your at a talent disadvantage.
These were my exact thoughts last night. It's looking more like Tomlins been swinging and missing in a lot of his drafts from the defensive side (with Woodly being the only true homerun and the Heyward pick will evetually work out I think).

If we are wrong and the problem lies in the type of defensive players we have drafted not being effective in Lebeau's 3-4. If after Lebeau retires and Tomlin switches to a 4-3 (or Tomlins Tampa's cover 2 scheme) we could see a difference and have a better grasp in determining the talent we drafted and know what we have. We just have to wait and see. (For example: I'm really interested to see if Hood would be more effective from a 4-3, because maybe Tomlins drafts were picking the players to get ready for that switch after Lebeaus gone)
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