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Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.

The Steelers don't have the corners to play on the line bump and run. It may work against some teams; but i can't see those 2 lining up on every play on the opposing receiver. it will be Denver all over again; this time every play. Now I do feel Lebau has to change it up. The Raiders in the second half looked like a number 1 offence. What were they like 6 for 6 on third downs. Obviously they adjusted; and Lebau; well let's leave it at that.

I've read many posts on here and you guys are spot on on most of your stuff. But promoting Butler; nah. I think Tomlin has to put his print on this team. He inherited all this from Cowher. I really would like to see what system he would run. I know we could debate all day about the 3 4 vs 4 3. But i honestly wish they would go with the 4 3. I look at the Giants d line; man they come with 4 guys only; and boy they get after the qb. The Steelers schemes seem to have been figured out. Is it the players; the coaching?? I think a little of both. Let's just hope we can turn it around and try to stay positive; I know hard to do after that crap we saw yesterday.
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