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Default Re: DICK LEBEAU MUST GO!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
i knew our defense wouldnt be as good as previous years. Harrison is getting old and so is Troy. Hood isnt even half the man Smith was and Hampton is past his prime. i said before the season that i can see us winning 8 games this year.
with that said i can also see us playing better as the year goes on and winning it all as a wild card. we have the offense to do it and if our defense clicks at the right time there is a chance we could surprise everyone. we just need to bench Hood for that to happen
Benching Hood is a start, but I'd throw Big Snack on that pile too.

What the heck - why not replace Kiesel with Heyward, Hampton with McLendon, and try Woodley at LDE? Woodley is a straight up bull-rusher anyway & doesn't provide much in coverage.

Go with Harrison, Foote, Timmons, and Brandon Johnson at LB or Worilds if he can start showing something....anything...

Maybe it's crazy, but what we're doing isn't working either. Shake it up. Try something crazy. As much as I dislike Belicheat, he's a master of thinking out of the box and finding ways to use players in unconventional ways...and win while doing so.
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