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Default Re: Ravens gifted another win by the refs

Originally Posted by silver & black View Post
I'm sorry, I just can't find it in me to sympathize with ANY other fanbase about shit calls that affect the outcome of a game. Yea, I know..... I'm a shitty, gangster, criminal, thug Raiders fan , but no team in the NFL has been f**cked over by the refs more than the Raiders, over the years.

I'm not even talking about the ones we all know about. The Raiders always get the most egregious, off the wall, "have to look it up in the rule book to see if we can make it stick" bullshit calls against them. Not whining....... it's just the truth.

It's been kinda a cool to see a few other teams experience what the Raiders are all to well acustomed to, from the refs.

well, i agree, but think your "other teams" comments are more directed to teams such as the Patriots, Packers, etc, etc, etc.
I will agree that even i have seen repeated unbelievable calls go against the Raiders in the past years. But the same argument can be made for the Steeler teams equally as well.

I believe this is due to both teams "reputation" as hard-hitting, physical, tough, and take-no-s**t. I think its unjustified as i've seen over and over and over again the EXACT same plays go uncalled against other teams and i think the refs (and i include real refs here..) do somewhat cave to league + media pressure.
But all in all...its definitely a change to see other seemingly "protected" teams getting their fair share of blatant wrong calls going against them as well.
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