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Default Re: Ravens gifted another win by the refs

I'm going to be the first to say that the refs have to go. That game was completely out of control and the calls over the past 3 weeks have been getting worse. There is no respect for the stripes anymore and it is all out pandemonium....

However, to say that the game was given to the Ravens by the refs is BS. There were bad calls both ways. Not to mention, the NE defense let the Ravens drive 92 and 70 yards in the last 10 minutes of the game to win. If Brady is so fantastic, why can't he ice the game in with the ball on his own 34 and a 9 point lead (no penalties that drive), or the ball, 4 minutes and a 2 point lead to include a drive that called back an int (5 yards and a 1st down) and a 15 yard penalty (on the coach none the less..... Tell me the last time that was called!) that gave him first and 10 at the BAL 45 with just over 2 minutes? Then a 70 yard drive with under 2 minutes for the Ravens (to include passes for 24 and 17). The PI call was legit IMO, so that gets flagged this year or last.

I'm with everyone that the game is a disaster and the officials need to come back, but this wasn't a 4th and goal with no time on the clock where the officials gave a free play for a TD. The Patriots had plenty of opportunities to close the door on the Ravens and failed.

A poster on here last week said the same thing about the Steelers getting BS flags against them (the PI call where the CB literally never touched the reciever), in the fact that good teams figure out how to overcome.

Hopefully this crap gets taken care of soon though so we all can talk about plays and players instead of the guys in stripes.
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