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Default Re: Bill Belichick grabs ref after controversial Patriots loss

It takes all my enthusiasm for this season right out of me.
I think comparing last night to the perception that Brady has gotten a few roughing the passer calls it comparing apples and cinder blocks.

That game was outright rape by the officials, from kick off to "field goal*"

How is a team supposed to win a football game, even if their offense marches on opposing defenses, and even if their defense stops opposing offenses, if the officials call back TD's for outright BS and give the team getting stopped unlimited 1st and 10s on phantom penalties?

If you think this was some sort of sweet justice for the Steelers to watch the Patriots get raped like that, thats your call, but it will happen to you, too.

Really want to see this happen in the post season? Really want to have play off games just be a total crapshoot and mean nothing? Because thats what that Raven win was worth last night - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
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