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Default Re: Ravens gifted another win by the refs

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
Well, your pathetic team and your fan base has such a little brother syndrome in the AFC that it doesn't surprise me at all that you'll take this win* with glee but the fact of the matter is, you didn't impress with it because everyone knows it was bullshit.

Patriots proved without a shadow of a doubt they're a drastically superior football team.

So you take this win*, you enjoy it, and we'll just blow you out in the post season.

Should of done your gatorade bath last night after your missed field goal that won you the game, because you aren't getting one against us in the post season and you can take that to the bank.

Out played.
Out classed.
Out coached.

We have higher standards in New England. If we won that game on those sorts of countless shenanigans and a missed field goal for 3 points i'd be embarrassed, but Ratbird fans will take whatever they can get.,
Even if it includes cheating. *

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