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Default Re: Defense showing its age, and....

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Then if that's the case, then Lebeau isn't as big a defensive genius as we say he is. Like I said, not even Rod Woodson in his prime would've been a help yesterday when he's asked to play five yards off his receiver.

Okay, the Front 7 isn't getting there, why not make adjustments and have the defensive backs play more aggressive to help them out? There are 11 guys on Defense, not 7. So you're telling me we have no trust in our Corners when they were the same group that shut down the Pats last year? We have to keep playing them off the WR's and TE's? Thus opening up even bigger holes in the Defense?

Insanity is attempting the same thing over and over and expecting different* results. Three times the Steelers tried the same shit on defense, they got burned. The Rare Time when they didn't do it (Jets game), they were as stout as ever.
Not arguing that a scheme change (playing tight to the receivers) is in order. However, if we don't get more pressure on the QB it won't matter. Good QBs will find an open receiver at some point.

Yes, the defense played well against Brady last year, but the reason we won that game had more to do with Arians adjusting to the short passing game rather than the bombs to Wallace on 3rd and short or the maddening bubble screen on 3rd and 15.
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