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Default Re: Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial: The Difference Makers

Originally Posted by Kanata-Steeler View Post
In other words, blaming the "D" to the point of posts like "...LEBEAU MUST GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!..." just shows how "spoilt" we have all been over the past few years, with this Steelers #1 NFL Defense.
Sooo, when will our Offense finally step up to the plate then?.
Don't just constantly "blame' the "D" this early on.\

I'm still waiting for our "O" to alteast get to #3, how 'bout #2 in the NFL, which it has NOT been for what now, - over a couple decades now. ???
"Scouring the Forums" haha. Ya right. for what, to listen to a bunch of couch "QB's", in the NFL, such as us all ?

I want our "O" to finally DO what our "D" has been doing for years now -mainly get to #One, son !!!
Then, and only then, squak all u want about our "D".
Talkin' bout our Offense, it is plain we NEED to be able to run, to setup the pass, and vice-versa, it's basic Football-101, without it, no one is goin' nowhere.

So, lets NOT embarrass ourselves anymore with pre-mature water boy posts such as has been already seen around here.
I agree. The "DEFENSE SUCKS FIRE LEBEAU" threads are annoying as hell, and if you noticed, any new threads have been locked immediately.

However, last year doesn't matter. The year before doesn't matter. What matters is this year, and the defense hasn't showed up yet.

I sure hope they improve with the arrival of Troy and Harrison, and I hope we can be competent again.

And by the way, we mustered up all of 40-50 yards rushing and the passing game racked up 300+ yards. We obviously don't need to run to setup the pass. That shit became a myth just as soon as Goodell starting transitioning this league into a passing league.

A running game certainly would help now that Haley's calling a great passing game, and we'll have Mendenhall back in two weeks.

But seriously, quit bringing up the fact that our defense has bailed out the offense for the better part of the last decade, because honestly, none of that matters. What matters now is that we're 1-2, and that MANY other ELITE teams are 1-2 as well.

The season is NOT over. The offense is NOT at it's peak. The offense WILL get better. The defense IS bad, and we're missing some pieces that can change that.

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