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Default Re: Ravens gifted another win by the refs

Originally Posted by Kanata-Steeler View Post
Seriously, and no offense intended, but I also wish the NFL would bring the "posts" in about 2 feet aside.
It's not fair watching a really good hard-fought game won by an "easy/lucky" Kick -so to speak. \
Again, I couldn't kick my own ars, so don't take me the wrong way here, but...
Atleast that way, that would eliminate the easier half-field (50+-yards) kicks, from being that easy, these days -with these so-called SOCCER kickers, in the NFL.
But hey, it's just imho.
i absolutely hate seeing out comes of games decided by a kicker.
extra point kicks are all but a waste of time , how many are actually missed in a season ? they should have to go for 2.
field goal points should be awarded by the distance of the field goal.
under 36 yards = 1 point
36 - 45 = 2 points
46 - 55 = 3 points
56 + = 4 points
if you lose yardage on 3rd down you can't attempted a FG.... that'll keep teams from going backwards intentionally for more valuable attempts.
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