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Default Re: Ben goes no-huddle- Ditches Haleys playbook

Ed. B. from the P-G went with this as well and states he has never heard a QB ever say something like this before

Ben Roethlisberger told those reporters gathered around him that he dug into the old playbook – had to be Arians’ playbook – during the game to call some plays. He said they worked. Maybe quarterbacks have done that in the past; I don’t remember ever hearing them say so.

This is in keeping with Ben deciding to share in yesterday's Ron Cook column that he "just walked away - I will leave it at that" with regard to some undescribed issue Ben and Haley had during the Denver game. Ben is incapable of "no comment."

The best spin on this latest statemnt is that Ben just cannot help himself about being candid. Saying you are calling plays from the playbook you and your close buddy Arians prepared that are not in the current playbook can be the subject of a legitimatre and much more negative interpretation.

I can imagine what Noll or Cowher woudl do if the QB would have said he was calling plays out of an old playbook

It is going to be a long 2 weeks
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