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Default Re: Sky still falling?

Past results are no guarantee of future performance but this is how the 2006 and 2009 seasons started out when the Steelers last missed the playoffs

Week 1 - beat Tennessee at home
Week 2 - lost to Chicago on road
Week 3 - lost to Bengals on road (blew 4th quarter lead - that was the game that effectively ended Sweed's career whe he dropped a sure TD pass)

Week 1 - beat Miami at home
Week 2 - lost to Jax on the road
Week 3 - lost to Bengals at home (blew 4th quarter lead when Coclough muffed a punt and effectively ended his career)

Starting out 1-2 does not bode well. Add to that the Steelers recent history of making the playoffs for 2 years and then missing the playoffs every third year (2000, 2003, 2006, and 2009) and there are some patterns that are being folllowed
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