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Default Why the Steelers? Convince me


I grew up in NY my whole life, and now I am in Columbus, Ohio, for school (Ohio State). My parents were Jets fans, and I absolutely hate the Jets. I only liked Revis, but recently I paid attention to how much of a baby he was about his contracts and now he has a torn ACL. And don't get me started on Tebow.

Anyway, I've been thinking about the following teams, one of them to be my new favorite team:


I know you guys will tell me to be a Steelers fan. I'm told that the Steelers have the best fans, and I've done research on all of the mentioned teams. So far the Steelers seem like the best fit for me.

I like: good old fashion running and tough defense; games with snow and rain that get really messy; teams that play hard and have a promising future; as an upperclassman at Ohio State, I love tailgating. I also like teams that don't really have one huge star, they kinda just play as a team. The Steelers seem to have all of these things I like, yet some of the other teams I've mentioned also have all of these things (although not as winning).

What makes being a Steelers fan different from being a fan of another team? Convince me to be a Steelers fan.
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