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Default Re: Ben goes no-huddle- Ditches Haleys playbook

Originally Posted by zsheik22 View Post
I dont know... sounds to me like it was a shot at Haley.
Agreed. Ben liked Arians playbook, which leads me to believe that Haley is a much better play caller then Ben. That said, Ben has won 2 SB's and a lot of playoff games, and he's made TONS of plays, so if he calls some of the plays every now and then, then no big deal IMO. If it works and continues to then great, if not, then stop. But to purposely point out that the plays weren't even in the playbook (Haley's book) was flat out disrespectful. I can't see how that could be took out of context, even if he was joking in some way, it still sounds like "His plays weren't working so I did what I damn well wanted to do".

Whether it be a joke or a cheap shot, I'm sure Haley doesn't appreciate it. I don't know if the "heat" between Ben and Haley that the media so badly wanted to generate this offseason/preseason was an actual thing or not, but if Ben keeps saying stupid things about the offense then it may become an issue. Bottom line is that I really don't care much what Ben or any Steeler says in the media as long as it doesn't affect how they or the team plays. I'm all for players speaking their mind (like Harrison's tweet after the SB this year), but I can see the offense slowing down if these two start doing things to each other out of spite. Someone needs to tell Ben that everybody already knows that he thinks running the ball is only good for the fans and that he has plays of his own, and that nobody wants to hear him complain.
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