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Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post

I was more pissed about the guy on the ground launching up into Ben's legs
^This + 1000

The non-call on the guy that hit Ziggy ticked me off, but I can see how that could get missed. Still angered me, and it was probably dirtier than the hit on Ben...

The miss on the hit to Ben was UNFREAKIN' UNACCEPTABLE. Here's a 280-300 lb grown-azz man crawling across the ground and launches himself at the legs of the QB right IN FRONT of the official who's #1 PRIMARY JOB is to watch out for the QB. I get they won't see everything, but there is no excuse for that one.

No way I blame the refs for the loss though. That's on the D, they couldn't stop the Raiders at all in the 2nd half. Sure, Brown's fumble was costly, but the Raiders still had to cover some ground before they could kick. And that was just that drive.... Credit to the Raiders, they figured out something and executed. Made it look easy too.

Damn it.
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