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Default Re: Thoughts on the season so far

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
The Good:
1. Heath Miller is finally being used as the weapon we all knew he could be
2. Ben Roethlisberger is lights out and if he keeps it up, will have a career season
3. Protection for Ben has been a lot better than what we're used to seeing
4. Baron Batch is money in pass protection
5. Woodley seems to be starting off the season well compared to the start of his last 2 seasons.
6. Mike Wallace missing camp a non factor, he's been productive
7. Harrison, Polamalu, Mendenhall back after the bye (likely)

The Bad
1. Redman / Dwyer are below average and are not getting it done in the running game
2. Lawrence Timmons who? I haven't heard his name called much all season. For 50 million $, he needs to play at a much higher level
3. There is no heir apparent to James Harrison. Worilds and Carter have not made any impact plays in his absence. We spent a lot of picks on OLB's in the recent years, and none have made any impact whatsoever.
4. 2 blown 4th quarter leads in 3 games
5. Special teams, then again, as a Steeler fan I'm used to crappy ST being the status quo

The Ugly
1. Wasn't Willie Colon supposed to be beastly? He hasn't done much in the way of opening running lanes. He has been good in pass pro (reason why he's not in the 'bad' category)
2. Love AB, but hold on to the damn ball
3. Casey Hampton either doesn't have it anymore or is playing injured. If either is the case, should McLendon be given some snaps?
4. Sucks having to lose like this before a bye week, it just gives you another week to think about it.
The Good

1. Agreed.
2. Agreed.
3. Still not sold yet.
4. Looking like it. Agreed.
5. He should be for the money he is being payed.
6. Mike missing camp still didn't help.
7. I sure hope so and I hope they can stay healthy. I doubt it though their style of play (for Troy and Harrison) takes a toll.

The Bad

1. Semi agreed on the backs but some of that is the run blocking.
2. Agreed. Timmons needs to earn that money.
3. Agreed. Worlids and Carter are not looking like they are NFL starters.
4. Agreed. Sickening.
5. Yup yup yup.

The Ugly

1. Agreed.
2. Agreed.
3. Agreed Hampton is both older and still injured if you ask me. Hate saying that about Big Snack but he is not cutting it right now.
4. Yup at least its early in the season. Time to analyze and hopefully adjust.
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