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Lightbulb Ken Whisenhunt 3-0 with Cards!

I am not a sky is falling, we are doomed, fire everyone Steelers fan. However, seeing how well Whisenhunt is doing with a much, much less talented Arizona squad it begs the question did the Steelers brass make a mistake. Tomlin has had success but he has won largely do to the team he adopted not the team he created. Wisenhunt has a defense playing hungry and with attitude, and he BUILT that team. the team I have seen thus far does not resemble the steelers way and I feel that all starts with what type of attitude the head coach instills in the team and Tomlin has this team going.backwards. obviously if we win Sunday a lot of these thoughts go away, but we didn't so I ask do you feel we would be better off with wisenhunt holding down the reigns? Personally I think we would but let's hope we get healthy in the bye and come out the gates refocused and ready to put players we have in a position to win
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