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Default Re: Ravens gifted another win by the refs

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
Dude, the Patriots defense stopped you MULTIPLE times only to see an official throw a flag and give the Ravens a free 1st and 10. This happened MULTIPLE times, ALL through out the game. More over, on more than one occassion the Patriots offense was robbed, including a phantom PI call on Edelman IN THE ENDZONE that robbed New England of ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN.

The announcers were LAUGHING it was so pathetic, culminating with Chris Collinsworth announcing on LIVE TELEVISION that the "only loser in this game was the fans."

And to put a cherry on top of it all, the game winning field goal...

So don't come at me with your "every team gets bad calls" bullcrap like this was just one questionable offsides call. That was complete highway robbery. It was banana republic football.

Your team is pathetic. New England is not going to be afraid to meet you again in the post season because we can go into that game completely aware that we completely DOMINATED you on offense and on defense in our first meeting, even if the scabs handed you a make believe win.

Sincerely yours,
a first and foremost disgusted football fan
Oh wow, dominated? How deep does your delusion go? Let's take a look at the numbers:

We out rushed you, out passed you, came away with higher QB rating, more TDs, higher 3rd down efficiency, higher avg gain per rush/pass/overall play, higher red zone efficiency, all while actually giving up MORE penalty yards than we received! So, if your definition of dominating is "doing slightly worse to much worse than your opponent", you sure dominated. If you think the refs were on anyone's 'side' you are freaking brain dead, as the zebras called more penalties on us and gave you more yards than they gave us.

Or hey, maybe they were just making it look good, and they KNEW it would come down to a sneaker that they could call our way!!

Honestly, are you that stupid, is your head that far up brady's bunghole? Please continue making an ass of yourself and the fanbase you represent, I am enjoying every minute of it.
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