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Default Re: Ken Whisenhunt 3-0 with Cards!

Arizona's defense looks downright NASTY. Looks exactly what the Steelers defense looked like with all of our playmakers in their prime. Daunting.

That said, I'm simply NOT INTERESTED in week 3 contenders. Year after year, we see teams start off hot, only to succumb to the pressure and the weight of a 16 game schedule. Teams are built in November/December.

The way this league now stands, you MUST have an elite QB to carry you into the playoffs. Kevin Kolb isn't that guy. As long as we have Roethlisberger playing the way he plays, we have a shot at an Lombardi.

Most of these 3-0, 2-1 teams right now won't even be in the picture come December. Watch it.
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