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Default Re: Thoughts from a fan who does not think the sky is falling after 3 games

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Hate to say it, but LeBeau doesn't appear to be much of a schemer. When he loses a couple star players, we get no pressure, no TO's, no stops when we need them.

Can he not scheme any pressure whatsoever?
I don't buy into this thought process. The scheme will always be the scheme. What good is scheme if our athletes don't execute? The defense that has worked for a decade is still in place. When it comes down to it, LeBeau has absolutely, positively NO depth at the linebacking position. Not only is Harrison out, but we lost Sean Spence and Worlids didn't play one snap in training camp. He appears to be a fat SLOB and out of shape.

There comes a time when the scheme is in place and it's up to the PLAYERS to beat your keys one on one and we simply don't have that right now in the secondary with Mundy or on our edge rush with Carter/Worlids combination.

As for being tested on the road. We need to get better and find a way to win, but we just went into 2 of the most hostile places in the league to play and had a chance to win, both having leads in those games.

We can get it done. It's a couple fix's here and there that needs to be found and found quickly. This BYE comes at the perfect time. Lots of soul searching and coaching strategics to get better by the time we see Philly coming in here.
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