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Default Re: Ravens gifted another win by the refs

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
You didn't even get your first 1st down until what? Deep into the second quarter? WHICH ALSO CAME ON A PENALTY? Yeah, you got more yards, which came in gift paper and a little bow from the officials moving you up the field.

The Patriots defense was up against a a Raven offense (lead by your goofy looking quarterback who is NOT anywhere close to elite) which had infinite downs.
Moving the ball with an unlimited amount of free downs isn't difficult.
OK, the message that does not seem to be penetrating your skull.

Our total yards: 503
Our yards gained from penalties: 83 on 10 penalties

Your total yards: 396
Your yards gained from penalties: 135 on 14 penalties

Now let's do some math which I know will be very difficult for you.

503-83= 420


So, without the refs, we gained 420 yards, you gained 261. Anyway you cut it, you got beat. You played the best game you could and you just came. up. short.
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