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Default Re: Seattle defeats Green Bay amidst greatest Ref controversy of the year

if the packers team played in pittsburgh, this would be the reaction from many of the fans i have seen on this board-

OMG we lost to the worst team in the nfl.

BJ RAJI is too fat and needs to go.

FIRE DOM CAPERS. the league has figured out his defensive scheme.

we have no pass rush.

Charles Woodson is a waste of space and needs to retire.

Golden Tate kinda reminds me of hines ward.

Clay Matthews is overrated and over paid!

McCarthy had a blank stare "deer in the headlight look" the whole night.

The refs suck and always give Seattle all the calls!

We need to run the ball more. Aaron Rogers just thinks he can pass the ball all day.

John Kuhn sure looked great. We should get him more involved in the gameplan.

Fire all the stockholders!
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