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Default Re: Ken Whisenhunt 3-0 with Cards!

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
The "Tomlin inherited a SuperBowl team" is only partially true.  

Cowher could only get that current roster to one SuperBowl, and Tomlin got them to two SuperBowls.  AGAIN...Tomlin had a franchise QB in place....Cowher never did till he got BR7..

Cowher inherited Noll's completely loaded roster (Greg Lloyd, Rod Woodson)... and if we are being even, well, are you saying that Cowher getting to the play-offs in his first six seasons due to Noll?  Loaded roster??? Our best record was 9-7 the prior 6 0r 7 years before Cowher took over..

Tomlin has the best winning percentage of any current coach, and  in his first five years... ugh... I'm tired.  There's a thread about this (around the time of Tomlin's extension). George Seifert did too, till he had to go with his own players....Tomlin is heading down the same path.
Yes, having a franchise QB is essential.  Aside from Dilfer & Brad Johnson, the past 20 SuperBowls have been won by teams with elite QBs.  How does that make Tomlin a bad coach???  

Records or not, Cowher inherited a team that had Greg Lloyd, Hardy Nickerson, Carnel Lake, Rod Woodson, et cetera... just as Tomlin inherited a team full of great players.  

Tomlin needs his own players... such as Wallace, AB, DD, Pouncey, Woodley...  

You don't like Tomlin.  You are far from alone.  I am (seemingly) one of the few who think that he's a great coach.  
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