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Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.

[QUOTE=SteelersRush;1032930]Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.
Originally Posted by SteelersRush View Post
Anybody notice the Seahawks running a 3-4? 8 sacks in the 1st half. What was that about "scheme" not working? Coaches coach and players play damn it. I rarely post as you will notice but all this doom and gloom has got me off the sidelines. We'll be fine with the return of Poly and the Silverback.
Do you understand the difference between a 2-gap read/react 3-4 and an attacking, 1-gap 3-4? Do you see our DBs smothering WRs at the LOS like Seattle's?

Yep. Seattle was able to flat out attack because the packers have no run game. Therefore the DL didn't have to pay any attention to gap control. The ball was in the air 90% of the time. The last time I saw our DB's smother WR's was the Patriots game last year. But I don't think Taylor or Lewis are as good as Seattles corners when it comes to man to man coverage. Hell those guys were playing Mel Blount style with the Packers WR's. Totally man handled them at the LOS.
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