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Default Re: Seattle defeats Green Bay amidst greatest Ref controversy of the year

Well, I said it last year (and was mocked for it at and I said it this year: The Packers are a over rated football team and their invincibility is a complete media invention. I honestly don't even think Aaron Rodgers is that good. He had amazing games, I suppose, but only coming off a lock out off season that had a noticeable effect on the league's defenses. As the season went on, Rodgers didn't look that great.

This year he looks HORRIBLE.

He hasn't had a decent game yet, even in their one win.

But if the Packers truly were hosed by the officials I can't take any joy in it as much as I was waiting with glee to see the Packers fall flat on their faces.

I didn't see the game, though. After the Patriots Ravens game i've lost all interest and enthusiasm in watching games that obviously aren't going to be decided on the field. Sounds like I was right.
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