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Default Re: Bad signs everywhere for 1-2 Steelers as team heads into bye week

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
many offenses over the past few seasons have said the defense is predictable and that they were doing the same thing over and over again - of course that is easy to say after a win, but:

this is why I've posted about this defense taking more risks, and getting at least more rotation time for the young guys - I think it is a real possibility that if we show teams different personnel variations on a consistent basis, that might be able to create some more confusion. At this point, I think they should be in the mode of trying to find a spark in someone or some other idea

I say let's see some fresh ideas out there. Other than losing more games, it can't get worse. I'm not in the mindset of Troy and Harrison being the fix all, especially on the road

They're not a the 'fix' any more, does any seriously believe Harrison is going to be really effective? I don't. Troy can still change a game, but this isn't 2008 Troy and it's not the 2008 defense.

We're looking at 8-8 the way things are going. This 5 weeks stretch of games are brutal when we get back.
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