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Default Re: Happy with Keisel and Hampton?

Heyward ended the Jets game with a QB sack. I wonder if he abandoned his 2-gap responsibility and made a play, and was thus disciplined?

Word from's insider board is that is exactly what happened to Ta'amu for making a sack in the preseason. Mitchell gave him an earful.

We train our DL to not make plays. That's great when they're guys like Aaron Smith and Casey Hampton in their primes, guys who could eat up two blockers and let LBs clean up.

But recent draft picks on the DL have been 1-gappers who can penetrate and blow up the backfield better than they can absorb multiple OL. Throw in the recent rule change that allows chop-blocking by the adjacent lineman, and our version of the 3-4 has been rendered impotent.

We need a change. If it waits until the offseason, I think we're in for a long year defensively. Hope the offense can develop a running game. Balance will make it even more potent.
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