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Default Re: Seattle defeats Green Bay amidst greatest Ref controversy of the year

Right after the strike
Goodell made the call
Said he needed more Refs
and said he'd take em all
High school, Middle school...
Peewee league too
Just show up on Sunday
we'll show you what to do
Grab a shirt and a hat
from the black and white box
tell your family to tune in
and watch you Sunday on FOX
"Call em like you see em
cause we dont give a crap
we already got their money
and we aint giving any back"
As for the guys that should be here
they can go to hell
I need that money for my boat
with the 20 foot sail
But if the fans start crying
and the players start to fight
well let 3 or 4 guys die
then MAYBE we'll end the strike
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