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Default Re: Ravens gifted another win by the refs

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
every defender in the league will tell you who the toughest qb in the league is.

big ben eats chryslers for lunch (with french dressing on the glass).
As much as I hate Ben and the Steelers, this is the truth. I don't know how that guy never goes down. We broke his nose and he just played while bleeding. It makes me irate that he never goes down when you think he is sacked and is like trying to push a monster truck off the road in a prius.

I hate him, but Ben is a brick sh#thouse.

BTW, thanks to all for letting the fight continue. I thought I hated Steelers fans the most. I was wrong. I apologize this is in your turf, but I enjoy hearing what you all have to say about the Ravens. Didn't expect to find a NE fan here and well, one thing led to another.
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