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Default Re: Seattle defeats Green Bay amidst greatest Ref controversy of the year

It's basic arithmetic:
NFL is saving X-Dollars by hiring "scabs", however, why are THEY not passing off those savings to ALL the "real;" Ticket-paying Fans, ...?
Becuase they know we are ALL stooopid enough to keep paying,....

Ok, now, as far GB goes.
woah. Mr. GB QB got sacked 8 times !!!, before the first half, (BTW, that remind 'ya of anybody here ?), AND, GB's "O" could only throw up 12 points !?
Sooo, tell me that part, when GB was just supposed to win anyways ???

BAD refs make bad calls on both sides of the fence, Good refs make good calls on both side of da' Fence !
whatever, GB played like the Steelers did against Oakland, and they simply deserved to lose.

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