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Default Re: Haley's effect on Ben

Anything, and I do mean anybody, is better that Ariens right now,
This is the final change Ben needs.
I just hope Ben embraces it, builds his skills upon it.
Oh sry, did I not say "hey, you're not Manning, you're just paid like him..."
Fine, he don't need to be, Ben just needs to be Ben. -it's that final big push baby -u can do it for us all.
I wanna see Haley's "effect" on the entire "O" (with Ben), 'cause that is what obviously needs to be addressed.
everything else is just "Glamour" magazine crap, with useless jamin' oooo , ahhhh,,,. ?
comon' already, ! get this "O" in line. ! On the hand, it may take Haley a year or 2 to finally get in stride - I dunno ?
and STOP makin' excuses 'cause of our Steelers "D".

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