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Default Re: Seattle defeats Green Bay amidst greatest Ref controversy of the year

Seeing the sh**storm that is raining down on Goodell is great entertainment

Another blast

It's over, Roger. You lost. Your ridiculous little game of chicken with the refs ended the moment that Green Bay-Seattle game finished Monday night. And you can pretend you ended up with the ball, but we all know better....

Goodell put the integrity of his league on the line for vending-machine money....

As I mentioned Monday, my colleague Peter King reported that the difference between the NFL and the refs' union is $3.3 million a year. Well, there are 256 regular season games. The NFL could have the real refs if it forked over an extra $12,891 per game.

That is less than 20 cents for every paying customer....

Let a man do whatever he wants, and he will do whatever he wants. This is the lesson of Goodell's replacement-referee mistake, and it's an ironic one, because Goodell has tried to teach this lesson to so many others. He fancies himself part-commissioner, part-sheriff. He hands out suspensions like Halloween candy.

Well, Roger Goodell has just destroyed three weeks of the NFL season. So what does Goodell give himself? An enormous fine? A monthlong suspension?

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