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Default Re: Why the Steelers? Convince me

Okay, I'm sold. I asked the same question on some other forums and they had nothing. Except for the Giants - got some guidos yelling at me about how "dope" the Giants are. I don't think I wanna be associated with those idiots.

Anyway, I'm proud to announce that I'm a Steelers' fan. They are the only team in the league that is a consistently winning team in the right ways - through good old fashioned coaching, balls-to-the-wall playing, etc. Ben is good but it's not like he carried the team - Steelers, from what I see, play as a team and everyone helps out. The Ohio State Buckeyes follow the same code (as far as I can tell - I could be wrong, I'm no football genius), and that's the football I know and love. I enjoyed watching the Steelers last season but I stopped watching them after I saw the 49ers defense, Alden Smith specifically, hit Ben Roethlisberger on almost every play - that's what initially turned me on to the 49ers for a while, and I stupidly forgot about watching the Steelers.

I hope it is okay to let me into your group. I am a very loyal and dedicated person in everything I do. I will be a good and devoted Steelers fan. I hope I am not viewed on this forum as a "bandwagoner" or "not a true fan".
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