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Default Re: Happy with Keisel and Hampton?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Are you guys serious?

I came on this site expecting common sense, and what I'm getting is a bunch of bullshit from people who think the season is over after 3 weeks. You guys can't be serious, can you? You guys are also saying Tomlin is hanging onto the veteran guys while not putting in the younger ones, which is valid, but he's doing so for a reason. You don't get to coach the Steelers if you don't have any idea what you're doing. Hampton has being playing decently enough for Woodley to at least apply some pressure on the left side. We wouldn't even be having this discussion if Harrison was healthy and getting to the quarterback on the right side. It would be rainbows and candy, and all this talk about Hampton would be viewed as ridiculous. He's one of the bright spots on an ailing defense right now.

It's tough right now and there's no getting around it. What we don't need, however, are people bitching like they are here about a system that's proven to work when we have our starters out there. Teams are smart enough to throw at Mundy when Troy or Ryan aren't out there because that's immediately the weakest point in our defense. LeBeau has had to adjust the defensive scheme because he doesn't have Harrison wreaking havoc on the right side with Troy roaming around the middle, forcing a quarterback to make poor decisions and create turnovers.

I do agree that it's probably time for LeBeau to hang 'em up, but that would bring in a new defensive philosophy -- something I'm all for. We have the talent to switch to a 4-3 defense with a few adjustments, but we're not doing so.

The defense is in trouble right now, but it's because Harrison and Polamalu aren't out there, thus defensive adjustments have to be made. Once they return, healthy and ready to go, Dick will adjust accordingly and we'll go from there. Bitching and moaning about a team that's 3 weeks into a season might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. This kind of talk isn't on Patriots and Packers sites, so why is it here?

The Steelers aren't in trouble yet. If, for whatever reason they are still struggling once we return to health, then it's time to push the panic button. Until then, all of this looks like it's coming from a fair-weather fanbase.
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