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Default Re: Thoughts on the season so far

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post

That said, go back and look at the Steelers playing down to their competition. Not only are they NOTORIOUS by doing so, but they are notorious for a struggling players breakout performance.

I remember in '02 against the Falcons, Vick was a struggling quarterback, putting up AWFUL numbers the week before, only to have a breakout game against the Steelers.

I remember in '09, when we visisted the Bears. Cutler threw like, 4 interceptions against GB the week before and looked downright PUTRID. Next game, Cutler has one of the best games of his career against us.

Bruce Gradkowski had the game of his life against us in '09.

We all know the Tebow debacle.

Peyton Manning tossed his 400th TD pass guessed

McFadden, up to this point, was having a VERY HARD TIME finding any types of running lanes. The Raiders ground game was worse than ours entering yesterdays game.

What happens? A 64 yard jaunt to the endzone and a breakout performance for McFadden against our defense, rushing for over 100 yards of offense and putting the ball into the endzone.

We are notorious for it. I expect us to tighten up.
not to pick scabs off old wounds but i'll add [pardon the fuzzy details] losing to the worst team in the league 2-10 jets led by clemmens/clement(?), worst team in the league 1-11 browns led by brady quinn, and barely eeking out a win vs the 1-15 dolphins 3-0 (God knows who their qb was).

all critical games when we were a damn good team with SB champions on the roster.

teh steelers defense definitely relies on an aura of invincibility far to often proven by the fact that they are at their best when they play on edge.

thats the only explanation i can come up with and im sticking to it.

also i will credit the other suck ass, bottom feeding teams for playing their best when they have absolutely nothing to lose, and the steelers playing their worst when they are over looking ahead to the playoffs and superbowl, taking suck ass opponents lightly as a mere roadbump along the way.
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