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Default Re: Seattle defeats Green Bay amidst greatest Ref controversy of the year

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
i think i take back what i said. I don't know that this incident will cause this to get done. ANY other business, industry, etc, if this happened, there would be an immediate settlement/fix TODAY. It would be a done deal.

But not the NFL. They appear to be digging in harder than ever and even come across as completely in denial. Its unbelievable.
Good article in the New York Times summarizing what is going on

On Tuesday night a person briefed on the negotiations said owners were dug in and resistant to more compromise.

It is Goodell’s job to maneuver between those disparate camps, while also taking the long view of the league’s future. While he cannot afford to let the integrity of competition be sullied by substandard officiating — some owners vehemently deny that has happened even now, — the league is also aware that every other group, from television partners to players to sponsors, is watching the negotiation closely. If the league is seen as giving in, owners fear it could change the dynamics of other negotiations in the future. And that, ultimately, could jeopardize their winning streak in business matters.

So it is a combination of the owners not wanting to give in to the refs, denial that this farce is even a problem, and a concern that while this dispute is for lunch money from the owner's perspective it could lead to a perception in future negotiations for TV rights and other big boy contracts that the league can be rolled.
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