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Default Re: Its time for Casey to tap out

if they were scolded and benched, that is BS IMO

2 ideas might help with this defense:

Amoeba and Rotation. If we have multiple personnel packages with 1 down lineman I think that would be a whole lot less predictable.

Can you imagine seeing 3rd and 8 with Hood down, and Woodley, Heyward, McClendon and maybe even James in there, with Troy playing mid not knowing what the heck his plan is? That leaves 5 in the secondary, not counting Troy.

Then imagine next situation seeing Heyward down, then next seeing McClendon down maybe with a corner blitz in mind - I dunno, just going on and on now - but ya know what I mean? I think that would make some O's shit themselves, but I'm no freakin expert - I just know this passive shit gotta stop no matter who is in there.
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