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Default Re: Its time for Casey to tap out

Originally Posted by Steelerfreak58 View Post
Let the young guys play they have the playbook down none of them are rookies (besides Taamu) see if they can change the make up of the current sorry state of the D.
Completely agree, who knows, the young guys combined with Harrison back on the front line might save the season. When Harrison is back he may not make all the big plays he used to, but offenses are afraid of him and will take the double team off Woodley to block Harrison, as opposed to Carter who has contributed seemingly nothing. If the young guys on the line can slow down the run (we give up a lot of big run plays lately) and get some pressure then that may be "good enough". I don't see this being a top D, but man coverage and the new guys playing well should be enough to let the offense win games.
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