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Default Re: ‘Oh, sweet Jesus!’

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post embarrassing.

awaits the typical GOP extremist response attacking scarborough as a liberal hack plant, and insisting that romney is actually the best politician in the world, the rest of the world just cant see it or is in denial.

polls are up!
Scarborough can ask known communist Peggy Noonan how it works when you do not have absolute faith

Chris Wallace doubts Noonan's conservatism

In an interview with POLITICO today, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace questioned Peggy Noonan's "conservative bona fides," following her recent editorials criticizing of Mitt Romney's campaign.

"Peggy Noonan has bashed George W. Bush, based Mitt Romney, wasn't crazy about McCain. So, [her] conservative bona fides I'm not sure I take too seriously," Wallace told POLITICO's Patrick W. Gavin. "[Columnists] like Peggy Noonan, sometimes they're New York City's idea of conservatives."

Noonan writes a column for the radical-leftist Wall Street Journal and made her name as a speechwriter for that liberal Ronald Reagan - obviously a closet Democrat
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