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Default Re: All-22 look on DMac's long TD run

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Not sure what they were thinking giving Timmons all that coin. It would be one thing if the DL let a guard tie him up, but he was totally lost on the play.
Timmons was Tomlin's first draft pick and the organization has always been committed to him - he has all the physical tools and has seemed ready to bust out since 2009 (when Foote spent his year in exile in Detroit since Timmons was being handed his starter's job). But this is Timmons sixth season (Lambert was going for his 4th Super Bowl at that stage of his career) and if he is nothing special by now I doubt he ever will be.

Being so high on Timmons as the future stud at ILB may be why they passed on Sean Lee and selected Woirlds even though Lee supposedly was ranked higher on the Steelers draft board
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