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It seems that on every play there was no pressure from the defense. I remember reading comments during the pre-season on my app NFL '12 from the defensive coach about how he was going to "change" the way the defense was because he "knew" he could make it better. I think Big Ben put it best when he said "he just needs to leave well enough alone. We work well as a team and we should not be forced to alter our playing styles. We just need to refine what we have. As for me I don't really care what the coaching staff has to say. I'm going to play my ball and Thats, that.". Spoken like a true leader. Big Ben needs to tell the Defensive coach "IT'S NOT WORKING-YOUR WAY SUCKS AND IS COSTING US GAMES".

This new defensive strategy and positioning and game playing is simply terrible. The players have changed and they are not playing in the positions they are used to. They all seem defeated before the game begins. It's like they have no heart to win. No intensity. I don't know if the coaching has beaten them down or if they got lax in their requirements from their players but this is simply retarded! Someone needs to light a fire under their asses and make them mad. Give them something to want them to rip someone to shreds. I don't care what but just do something other then the direction they have taken my beloved team. Power up the defense and MAKE them find that intensity within or we won't have a shot at beating those piss pot Ravens or even making it to the SB. It's still early in the season but we can't lose much more before being bumped out.

Mr. Tomlin if you are reading this...please bring my team back to the greatness we all know they are capable of and make them fight! The seasons not over but it will be if you don't woop their butts into shape!

Run after the ball. Make tackles and act like you want to play.
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